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Land Clearing and Logging Services


Forestry Done Right In Northern Minnesota

Proudly Serving South St. Louis, Lake and Carlton County, MN

We are a full-service logging and land clearing company specializing in harvesting privately owned timber, new construction land clearing, and the sale of locally harvested forest products. We strive to please landowners by conducting work that creates improved wildlife habitat, prepares for vibrant growth and regeneration of trees while ultimately meeting their individual goals.

We have truckload quantities of 8' Birch and Tamarack Firewood for sale and ready to ship!

Now is the time to start thinking about next winter's firewood. Save the hassle of trying to find wood in the fall. Buy now to get ahead of the fall surge.

For forestry mulching, roadside clearing, and construction prep check out

Northern Minnesota Mulching


Northern Minnesota GIS Resources

Clean. Courteous. Honest Workmanship.

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